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family; anessa; pao; jho; ron; jasmin; fel; fairy; pat; aira; katt; jade; frans; ryza; tristan; wansii; 4best; andi; denise; jp; jedrick; chester; daryll; roglen; pau; myrc; alvin; miggy; tricia; danica; john; jeff; mau; jessica; reg; mus; giodee; annaflor; lois, isaac; jarrette; evan; raguel; janelle; paul; clyde; joswin; sam; via; jecca; S15; NTCOR01 S22; COMPORG S22/AY2013-2014 (hawak kamay people, keep holding on!); sir alex; sir lai; miss ethel; jp; jake; zoie; chesca; russell; brian; alison; kuya fonzo; kuya jm; kuya enzo; ate myca; ethel; dee; hend; ate cham; chelsea; paolo; camille; lib, ate clara; kuya dan; sheena (tadpole!); van; fii fii; an unni; bob; kat; genie; carey; zee; vee; faa; CL; aqsa; #TeamAU; ate reeza; shailvi; miia; bunny sempai; tracy; lynn; #Olymfics2013; frances; lauren; jackie; flora; ate bijae; yra; shinye; len; ayen; ate sandy; chee; kath; ate ana; gela(vic); eri(lauren); kuya mon!!!; anu; ate michi; agot; janine; ate CJ; ate celine; alanna; na; ale; luci; kari; stephanie; danni; ate dani; sara; haru; yoonmi; claud; camille; abby; ate paski; lien; talli; ate elaine; ate tricia; maia; paui; mia; josaine; jo; jess; denise; gel; yumi; gabriella; andi; cj; christine; kei; roo oppa; koko unni; ate ella; ate shayne; kaja; ate leia; yanna; hannah; alyssa; alyanna; chei; ingrid; ate karmelle; ate princess; annie; samy; hana; jen; maheenor; danielle; followers on tumblr; followers on twitter; jungsoo; heechul; hangeng; jongwoon; youngwoon; donghee; sungmin; hyukjae; siwon; zhou mi; donghae; ryeowook; kibum; kyuhyun; henry; Super Junior; minseok; luhan; yifan; joonmyun; yixing; baekhyun; jongdae; chanyeol; kyungsoo; zitao; jongin; sehun; EXO; God; you!

- ctrl+f might save you. it will depend if you know what i call you XD or know your name on twitter
- those bolded and colored are just collective group names so in case i forgot anyone -__-"
- thank you again! and sorry i gave you guys a hard time
- i made a lot of new friends this year and rediscovered old ones so here's to hoping for a brighter 2014 with all you love love love!

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