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One Day With You [Part 1]

Title: One Day With You 1/2
Pairing: You and Your favorite SJ member
Genre: Romance, fail!Comedy,
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if one day you wake up and you're married to your bias? What would happen?
A/N: I posted this on SJW and so I decided to share it here as well ^^

You came home from a tiring day at work. The sun was just about to set when you entered your doorway, and as you approached the living room you saw that your dog had created a mess.

Chawie, your dog, was lying down on a pile of CD’s she had disrupted from a box hidden neatly under the table where your television sat on. You gently shoo her away and mentally note yourself to scold the pup after cleaning up her mess.

Your eyes caught on an old album from your teens. It was your favorite album from your, what you used to say, all time favorite boy band. A promise to never forget the band had easily escaped your mind and you solemnly smile at the forgotten promise.

“Super Junior.” You mutter as you browse through the pictured pages of the album containing various Hangeul lyrics of their songs. You drop it off on the couch and continue cleaning up the mess.

You take the CD out of the album casing and play it. Making sure it was loud enough for you to hear wherever you went but also soft enough for the neighbors not to hear.

While eating dinner, with the album in hand, you can’t help but not stare at the face of that boy, or man, that you used to drool over. You trace the small image of his face with your manicured index finger and laugh mentally at yourself for the way you had acted back then.

“I was such a fangirl.” You say as you sip your iced tea. You put the album down and hum to the currently playing Super Junior song as you start washing the dishes.

After making sure to have fed Chawie, you went up to your room to get ready to sleep. It would be a break day for you tomorrow and you couldn’t wait to get reacquainted with the now disbanded Super Junior.


You lie in bed with Chawie right beside you and your laptop on top of you. The album was still playing but now it only played in your bedroom; you just couldn’t get enough of their songs. You were currently researching on them and more or less on him, your favorite member. You realize that it’s been so long since they had last been a band as they now focused on their solo activities having disbanded already some time ago.

A smile creeps up on your face as you realize that they as a band are no more but as a family is still on going. You felt sleep take on you and you decide to let the fangirl moment end there and will continue on with the next day.

You turn off the laptop and the lights and cuddle closely to Chawie as you gently hum to your favorite song of the album which was currently playing, slowly lulling you to sleep.


An arm snakes around your waist and you pull yourself closer to that warmth emanating from something behind you. You turn around and feel that warmth with a little softness with it. You lean in closer and you come to a realization.

Your eyes shot up, wide open as you look at the person in front of you. You push him away making him fall off the bed, waking him up in the process.

“Jagiya, what’s wrong?” He says as he put a hand on his aching bottom.

“You! Y-You’re you’re Super Junior’s…” You point an accusing finger at him as you realize that it’s your favorite member of Super Junior; the shock of it rendering you unable to say his name.

“What are you doing here?” He stands up and you notice at how nice his body looks with only his boxers on. He approaches you and puts on a concerned smile, slowly making your knees grow weaker, making it hard for you to continue kneeling on your bed.

“What do you mean ‘What am I doing here?’ I live here, I own this place. Are you okay? Did you hit your head or something?” He puts both of his hands on your head and examines it.

“OWN this place? Last I checked I bought this place with my own money.” You look around to make sure it’s still the same house you slept in last night.

“Honey! Look at me.” He forces your eyes to focus on his.

“W-what?” You mutter. The way he’s looking at you makes you feel both uncomfortable and something unexplainable.

“You seriously don’t remember who I am to you?”

“No, unless there is something going on between us…”

“What day is it today?”

“April 10.” (a/n: I seriously couldn’t come up with a date. And this heartbreaking one came to mind)

“You don’t remember anything from that date?”

“None at all.” You shake your head in accordance to your answer.

“Chinja?” He looks entirely defeated like you just shot him at his heart. You want to say sorry for whatever sin you might’ve caused to make him look like that.

“Look, I’m your HUSBAND. H-U-S-B-A-N-D. Husband!” He tells you and you feel somewhat dizzy and before you know it everything turned black.


You open your eyes and feel the side of your bed empty and you think Chawie was just around the floor.

”Chawie, I had the weirdest dream.” You say as you put a hand on your head.

“Chawie?” You look to the owner of that deep voice and see he is still there and worse he’s only clad in a towel. The sight makes you blush and you turn your head away.

He turns your head, sitting beside you, to make you look at him. His eyes, you must admit, are the most beautiful ones you’ve ever seen, and you find yourself lost in those deep eyes.

“Come on, get dressed. If you can’t remember what today is, I’ll help you remember.” He pulls you off the bed and pushes you to the bathroom.

“What mess have I gotten myself in to?” You whisper to yourself as you lean at the bathroom door.

“You better be taking a bath, if you don’t want me to go in there and give you one.” Hearing his threat you rushed yourself to the shower.

The bathroom, to you, still looked the same. Nothing changed, the shampoo bottle, the soap on the container, and conditioner was still there, the same brands you always buy. The whole interior of the bathroom was still the same. The only items that made it different were of his.

You look at your left ring finger and see a silver ring with embedded princess cut diamonds.

“An eternity ring.” You say and you feel dazed. You don’t know if this is a dream or if the life you’ve lead the day before and the rest of it had been the dream.

You hear a knock, “Are you done yet?”

”A-almost.” You say as you wrap a towel around yourself.

You leave the bathroom and find him fully clothed. He was clad in khaki pants; he was wearing a white wife beater and a blue short-sleeved polo to top it off with, his feet were left bare because of the carpeted floor. He was looking at you with his sunglasses on.

He took it off and stares at you completely. A blush reaches your cheeks and you feel self conscious and you remember you’re only in a towel. You try to quickly go back in the bathroom but as you turn he grabs your wrist and locks you in between him and his arms.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Don’t run away from me now, honey.” He says as he winks at you. He leans in close to your ear and you can feel the warmth of his breath making your heart beat faster.

“There’s no point in doing so, I’ve already seen EVERYTHING.” He whispers and you beat his chest with your closed fists.

“Ouch! It’s true! Come on, don’t be so mean.” He says laughing and you begin to wonder if you’re really married.

“Give me your left hand.” He gives it to you and you see the same eternity ring on his ring finger and a smirk crawls up his mouth.

“You better wipe that smirk off your face before I look up at you.” You say without looking up from his hand and he pouts realizing that he’s been caught.

“Here, if the couple eternity rings won’t make you believe, maybe this will.” Still clad in only a towel, he pulls you to a part of the room where a wedding portrait hangs.

Your mouth hangs open as you begin to clearly see in the large portrait the couple, who are you and him. You think as to how you could miss such a big thing. You shake your head making your damp hair wet him.

“Hey sprinklers, get dressed and I’ll meet you downstairs. I’ll get breakfast started.” He winks at you and kisses you on the forehead, leaving you to think more about the whole situation.

“This has GOT to be a dream. This can’t be real.” You say in disbelief as you sit on the edge of the bed. You look at it and see that he’s set out a pair of undergarments, embarrassing as that is, and a light blue sundress. You have to admit that he has good taste in clothes. He even picked out the shoes.

You wear the whole ensemble and look at yourself in the mirror.

“If this IS a dream then maybe I should just enjoy it.” You say as your straighten out imaginary creases off your dress.

You go out the room and a smile finds it way on your face as you smell the food he is cooking. You think being married to him isn’t the worse thing that might happen.

He smiles at you as you sit on the chair at the right side of the head of a table, where the wife sits. He puts food on your plate and the smile on your face gets wider. He’s acting so sweet making your heart beat a little faster. He smirks noticing you are staring at him.

“Say ah.” He says as he feeds you. You open your mouth and do as he says.

The food is just great, just like him. And you enjoy the taste of it on your mouth.

“Okay, now you go on ahead and feed yourself, I also have to eat.” You pout at his decision but obeys, not wanting the food to go to waste.

“You really don’t remember what’s up with today?” He asks you one more time and you just shake your head in response. He doesn’t talk but his eyebrows knit together a sign you take as he’s thinking of something.

“Here, I’ll wash the dishes.” You offer as you take his now empty plate without any complaints. You give him a concerned look as you head off to the sink.

As you wash the dishes you feel him hug you from behind, resting his head on your shoulders.

“I love you.” He whispers and your heart goes on overdrive, not knowing what to say.

“I-I love you too.” You say feeling the words as if you’ve said them to him a thousand times. You see his smile from your peripheral view and you think that maybe your words are truer than you think. He leaves telling you to head to the car once you’re done washing the dishes.


He drives you to the nearest park where you would usually walk Chawie. He pulls you out of the car and makes you sit on a bench viewing the various children playing in the playground.

“This is where we first met.” He says breaking the silence that had fallen minutes after you sat.

“Really? Tell me how it happened.” You say smiling, the story obviously interesting you. You see him give you a half hearted smile. You think it’s because of the fact that you don’t remember and part of him likes the story.

“Well it was a day like today.” He starts smiling clearly getting caught up in the memory. “You were walking Chawie and listening to you iPod…”

“Speaking of Chawie, what happened to her?”

“First, don’t cut me off when I’m telling you our story. Second, I’m sorry, but Chawie died last year.”


“Car accident.” You sense his impatience so you let him continue with the story. “Okay going back to the story. You were completely engrossed on the song playing on your iPod that you didn’t notice you sat so close to me. I accidentally hit you with a paper I was trying to shoot at the trash can beside you.” He points to the trash can beside the bench. “You shout at me and when you realize I was a member of Super Junior you became all friendly.”


“That’s the exact word you said when you realized I was a Super Junior member. It’s okay.” He pats your head, “It’s all in the past now. Do you remember anything now?”

“Unfortunately, no.” He thinks for a while and pulls you away and brings you back to the car.

“We’re going to where we had our first date.” He declares as he drives off.