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One Day With You [Part 2]

Title: One Day With You 2/2
Pairing: You and Your favorite SJ member
Genre: Romance, fail!Comedy,
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if one day you wake up and you're married to your bias? What would happen?
A/N: this is part 2 XD this a two shot XDD

He walks you through the place with his hands covering your eyes. He takes it off and you see a skating rink.

“Wow! This is where we had our first date?”

He nods as a reply and pulls you to the counter to rent some skating shoes. It was still early so there weren’t many people around. You feel afraid because you’ve only done this once and that was a long time ago.

He holds both of your hands guiding you on the rink. He starts slowly afraid that if he goes faster you’ll fall. You look at him and smile because somehow he knows you don’t know how to do this.

“How’d you know?” You can’t help but not ask.

“I figured if you can’t remember our first date then you won’t remember how to skate at least.” He says bringing you slightly closer to him.

You suddenly feel much more comfortable in your skating shoes giving you a feeling as if you’ve done this before. You let go of his one hand and begin slowly. He smiles at your progress.

You completely let go of his hands and skate as if you’ve been free. He tails behind you keeping watch if you’re going to fall. You don’t notice but you go faster and faster. Suddenly you slip, you close your eyes anticipating the pain that will be shot up from your bottom to your head. But none came, only a small thud and instead of falling backward you fell forward.

“Ouch.” He says. And you realize he had caught you from falling except instead of the both of you being completely stable, the both of you fell forward.

You notice that your faces were so close to each other, your lips only millimeters apart from his. He strokes your face with his fingers and you close your eyes. You anticipate a kiss on your lips but to your disappointment he only kisses the tip of your nose.

He helps you up not missing the pout on your face. He smirks knowing the pout is because of the kiss.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?” He asks innocently but the smirk not yet gone.

“Like that, with that smirk that gives off the feel that you know everything.” You skate off away from him but he pulls you and you find yourself face to face with his chest. You look up and instead of that dreadful smirk you see a whole-hearted smile. He traps you in his arms slowly twirling you around. You put your hands comfortably around his neck and stare into his eyes returning the smile.

“So I’m guessing you still don’t remember anything?” You shake your head and give him an apologetic smile. He just kisses you on your forehead and gives you a forgiving hug.

“Let’s go. I’m getting cold in this place.” He says taking into note the clothes you’re wearing.

He drags you away from the rink and to the place where you left your shoes. He puts your shoes making you feel like a princess. He grabs hold of your hand and walks away from the stadium.

The car was still parked in the stadium, leaving you to wonder where you’ll be going.

“Hey, how come we left the car?”

”Because where I want to take you is close by.” He continues to hold your hand as he pulls you toward him, making his pace faster.

You continue to walk until you see an ice cream shop.

“Yoochun ssi!” He calls out and you look forward to see Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Micky Yoochun. (I heard he owns an ice cream shop)

“Annyeong! Welcome back, guys. Happy…” He couldn’t continue what he had to say because your husband started to cover his mouth.

He whispered something to Yoochun which you didn’t catch. Yoochun just nodded his head and smiled at you. You returned it with a reluctant one.

“Happy coming back.” Yoochun says.

”We’ll have the usual.” Your husband says and Yoochun starts scooping up some ice cream as another worker starts cooking something in the kitchen.

Just as Yoochun finished scooping the ice cream the lunch your husband ordered was served as well. He gave a smile at your grumbling tummy and you just glared at him.

“Eat up. It’s your favorite.” True enough, right in front of you was spaghetti and chicken. The ice cream for you was two scoops of vanilla and one chocolate.

“Wow, how’d they know?”

“We’ve been going here since we started dating. Judging from your reaction you still don’t remember anything huh?” He caresses your face and gives you a longing look. You feel guilty because you really can’t remember anything.

Seeing your sad face he smiles at you and withdraws his hand away from your face.

“Come on, let’s eat.”

You start on the spaghetti and you notice that he keeps glancing at you.

“What?” You say with a forked spaghetti ready to be put into your mouth.

“You look beautiful eating.” He says smiling.

“Who knew you were so cheesy?”

“You.” The answer stabs you in the heart knowing that the question hurt him because you were currently suffering some memory loss.

In compensation, you stand up and kiss him on the cheek. You didn’t notice that Yoochun had taken a picture of the kiss with a Polaroid.

“Sorry to interrupt, but here a gift.” Yoochun says as he gives you the picture. Yoochun leaves winking at you and your husband glaring at him because of the wink.

You smile at the picture. Your husband looked so shocked and you couldn’t help but smile at the face.

“Yoochun ssi, can I borrow that Polaroid?” You ask Yoochun before he leaves. Yoochun throws you the Polaroid.

“You can have it.” Yoochun says and you smile.

“Here, starting from now we will take as many pictures as we can, beginning with this one. Say cheese.” You pull him close to you and the both of you smile. You take the picture and smile at his cuteness.

“Look at you, you’re so adorable.” You put both the pictures in your bag.

You finished eating your lunch before he did and you start on your ice cream. You see him glancing at your ice cream and he opens his mouth saying ‘ah’. You scoop a spoonful of vanilla mixed with a little chocolate. As he mouths the spoonful of ice cream you can’t help but think that it’s an indirect kiss. Childish as it is, it couldn’t escape your mind.

After finishing with the ice cream, he takes you back to the car to drive off to another destination you have no idea where.

“Where are we going?” You ask, not being able to contain your curiosity.

“If you had your memory, then maybe you’ll remember but I doubt it…”

“Yah! I’m already feeling really guilty about that. It’s not my fault I can’t remember anything. I’m not even sure how this whole thing happened!”

He stops the car and pulls you into a tight hug. He strokes your hair and doesn’t let go.

“I’m sorry, but you should look at it from my point of view.” He looks at you and focuses his eyes on you. “I feel like I just lost my wife, and I have to make her fall in love with me all over again.”

He caresses your cheek and you place your hand on top of it.

“Come on, let’s go outside.” He pulls you out of the car and you see the beach right in front of you; the people decreasing at a fast rate because of the time.

“It’s beautiful.”

”This is where we had our first kiss.” He declares as he pulls you through a part of the beach where there are no people.

“I waited till our third date to kiss you.”

“You are so lame.”

You find yourself lost again in his eyes. You can see that it holds so much emotion for you. He caresses your cheeks once more and brings your body closer to his. His thumb leaves itself on your lips and you close your eyes. He kisses you on the forehead as he keeps whispering the words ‘I love you’. Then he kisses the tip of your nose and just to keep you hanging he stops in midair, not doing anything but looking at you and your closed eyes.

“I love you.” He says once more a little louder than the previous whispers and finally you feel something soft on your lips. At first a little light then a little harder the remaining seconds. You find yourself in absolute bliss at the kiss, so caught up in the way his mouth feels around yours.

He pulls away allowing the both of you to breathe. You put a warm hand on his cheek as you feel the warm sea water pass through your ankles. You make his forehead lean on yours.

”I’m sorry.” You start, “You’re absolutely right, you have every right to sound like the way you do. I don’t have any of my memories but I can assure you that I’m still in love you and that making me fall for you is just like a breeze.”

”No, I don’t have the right to snap at you like that.” He says as he wraps both of his arms around you. “It’s just that this day is so important and I forgot that helping you regain your memory was more important, I’m sorry.”

”It’s okay, but if I don’t remember then maybe you can just tell me.”

“No, not yet at least. We have one last stop to go to see if you remember or not and if you really don’t I’ll tell you.” He winked at you once more and starts to draw a big heart on the wet sand.

“What are you doing?”

”Give me your Polaroid.” And you obey as he finishes the drawing. A heart and inside are words that says ‘I love you.’ He tells you to sit beside the heart and you obey. He takes a picture of you sitting beside the heart and he tells you to do the same with him.

You tuck the pictures inside your bag and you return to the car.

”This way you’ll always remember that this is where we had our first kiss.” He says as he closes his car door.

You stop by a drive-through and buy your dinner. You can’t help but think how fast time passed by so quickly and you fear that this won’t last long.

He drives you to what you think is a cliff where a bench lies. He sets out the food as you sit together side by side.

He takes a bite of his food and you do the same. Then after a few spoonfuls he starts to spoon feed you which you don’t mind. The sun is setting and you can’t help but think of a beautiful way to enjoy dinner.

“So, what did we do here?”

“Hmmm, why don’t you finish eating first then I’ll tell you.” he puts his styrofoam plate down beside him and fishes out the Polaroid in your purse. When you finish your food you do the same. You look at him with curiosity as to what he wants to do with the Polaroid.

“Here form the half of this heart with me.” He forms his left hand into a half heart and you do he same with your right. You reach out your half hearts together over looking the sunset and he takes a picture with a Polaroid. He gives a smirk to the picture seeing how beautiful it turned out.

“Who knew Yoochun ssi’s Polaroid idea would work.” He gives you the Polaroid and the picture to keep and kneels in front of you.

“This is where I proposed to you.” He says he looks down and holds your hands in his. “I know you haven’t remembered anything but that’s okay, because if this didn’t happen then maybe I wouldn’t have enjoyed this date. Everything I’ve planned for today was somewhat ruined but nonetheless, I enjoyed every moment of it being with you. This day was so important because it is our first wedding anniversary and with everything I’ve planned and wanting everything to be perfect I forgot that what makes this day special is the fact that we’re still together.” He stands up making you stand up as well and gives you a tight hug. You feel yourself tearing at his words and you feel guilty because you forgot your anniversary.

“I’m sorry.” You say as tears begin to wet his wife beater.

“It’s not your fault, if one thing, I should be saying thank you.” He puts both of his palms at the side of your cheek. “You’ve made me realize that this day is only important when the two people who celebrate it are still in love.”

He kisses you on your lips as fireworks begin to light up the already dark sky.

You sit side by side and watch the stars as he sings you your favorite song. The song that always relaxes you and without noticing you fell asleep.

You feel him carry you towards your bed and sleep beside you still singing that song.


You wake up to the song he’s singing, or not. You look around you and see that you’re still in your room and everything has changed. Your husband is no longer there, no wedding portrait hangs on your wall, and the date still says April 10.

You feel sad and disappointed as you realize that the whole day you spent was just a dream.

“Explains the lack of detail.” You mutter. You see Chawie still beside you and you smile, despite everything being a dream you know you enjoyed it.

You start breakfast and write in your journal the whole dream before you forget. You brush your teeth and set out to walk Chawie to the park.

You can’t help but feel a little familiarity at what you’re doing but nothing in your mind rings as to why you have déjà vu (talk about forgetful). You put your earphones and play your favorite Super Junior album on your iPod. You lock the door and let Chawie lead the way to the park.

You find yourself engrossed on the voice of your favorite Super Junior member as you sit yourself beside a person, a little too close for you to notice.

He hits you with a paper and you find yourself annoyed. You take one ear piece out and snap at him.

“Yah! What was that for…” You can’t continue your sentence because right in front of you is your favorite Super Junior member.

“I’m sorry. I meant to throw it in the trash can beside you.”

”Sorry.” You can’t help but not mutter. He chuckles at you and you blush out of embarrassment.

“Nice to meet you, and your name is?” He puts his hand out and you shake it as you introduce yourself.

You smile knowing that a future with this person is possible.

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