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Author's Note: (BMCAC)

IMPORTANT: I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT EXPAND on this verse anymore, which means don’t expect a sekailu version coming out OTL I don’t ship lukai enough for this and it would break my kokoro to write how Lu Han falls in love with Sehun first AND THEN falls for Kai and OMG OUCH OUCH OUCH my heart. (and if I did write it lol i might end up making it the au where rui actually gets tsukushi pmsl which obv can’t happen because in this verse lukai get married). but i may have plans on writing a kaisoo ver of this because kadi fits the domyoujimakino pairing so much but idk let’s see. i’ve got a lot of kinks in the plot and i have this other suchen fic to write (and a whole bunch of other things) so maybe not after all hahaha rest assured im thinking abt it

IMPORTANT 2: So I’m not a barista and im not studying to become a barista BUT I love coffee and yes those drinks are legit! And the drink for Joonmyun if you all haven’t guessed is Dark Mocha Frappuccino (and the pic is actually mine hahaha) It’s also my fave drink because it’s a little bitter :D And yes the black coffee with cinammon is also legit, I googled ok! SO YEAH IM APOLOGIZING FOR ANYMORE COFFEE MIXING FAILS I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR RESEARCH SOBS

Actual Author’s Note:

To [livejournal.com profile] daeseol, I’m not sure if this is what you wanted, but I’ve got all the elements you asked from me (technically not asked but all the elements that you liked lmao) from genderswitch to bof to cafe! yey! moving on, i’m not that great of a writer huhu so i hope, despite it all, you still kind of enjoy this OTL I put in a lot of work (by work i mean i rewatched Hana Yori Dango pmsl) and research into this in hopes of making it seem HYD and at the same time not really. Anyways, I hope you like this just as much as I had fun writing and plotting it and coming up with the flow and everything. /hides and runs away before you can kill me

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] mara_ciro for betaing last minute. huhu sobs this fic is now dedicated to you as well :”””> and well also on the occasion, as you have mentioned, that kuya dan does not like it :)))))))))) THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. I will write you something one of these days maybe sorry not sorry

Thank you to Snow Patrol, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus and my Sentimental playlist who helped me get in the mood to write this fic despite the fact that it isn’t so angsty HAHA But hey angsty music = great amount of feels. But yeah Snow Patrol FTW because I was on the jeep and one of their songs just gave me this urge to scrap (7k words go bye bye) and rewrite everything and it turned out much better than I expected :))) also thank you to Starbucks who helped me imagine the coffee hahaha and I wish I wrote this while I was drinking their coffee but no I’m too poor rn :))) Also, thanks to tlist who had to hear me rant about this on twitter. Special mentions to ate reeza who favorited a lot of those tweets, shailvi who volunteered to beta at first but got busy (s’ok bb! good luck with schoo :*) and christine who awaited this fail. Thanks to you for surviving this crap and reading this *u*

this whole fic has a lot of the bof and hyd verses mixed, i even added a few things from the manga and meteor garden but only little very tiny things (like the whole sex thing before moving to Paris). so yeah. i recommend both dramas! they’re all very good (even Meteor Garden). BUT if you’re going to watch for the yukixsojirou pairing because this is who sudi were based on then I suggest you watch bof instead of hyd because hyd will make you bawl and scratch your eyes out with the lack of anything for the two OTL and in the manga (and therefore original verse) they don’t end up together (weeps a thousand rivers). But yeah, i tried making this mine soooo let’s see if i passed OTL comments are loved and appreciated! preferably not on this thread but here lmao

the title was supposed to be taken from HYD, a line or sth but i wanted the story to revolve around coffee and how it helped kyungsoo and joonmyun develop their relationship. because kyungsoo wanted to be a barista and joonmyun was already on his way to being a barista and all that jazz haha and yeah

This has been a pointless author’s note <3 brought to you by Yuki o/ signing off!

PS: “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything”. BUT constructive criticism is appreciated ♥
PPS: i had this a/n written and done before the fic lmao and just edited parts out and added things as I went along writing. I AM CRAZY