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I generally allow people to translate my fics because it's not like anything bad will happen. I've been getting PMs about this and well ok so to make it easier for the translator here is a guideline!

The answer is YES, BUT:
You still have to PM me so I know who you are and what language you're translating my fanfic into. (It's important to tell me what language!)

Let us be guided accordingly n_n )

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Due to EatYourKimchi's tweets, I will be temporarily deleting my fanfic communities here in LiveJournal and as well as Dreamwidth. I have also friend-locked all my fics on AFF.

I don't really care about publicity and things like that. I especially do not wish to be publicly ridiculed, which I think will most likely happen in the case that EYK get their hands on fanfiction. I'm already feeling crappy about my own writing and do not wish for other people to bring me down any further especially ones who do not know things about fandom.

I hope you guys will respect my decision and not react negatively. Please understand that there is also another reason I'm doing this, a reason I will not disclose because it is rather personal.

Also, as a form of respect, if you guys have my fiction's links DESPITE my community being locked/fics on aff being f-locked and WISH to send it to EYK, PLEASE DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. THAT is not respecting my wishes. Please don't link them ANYTHING at all.

See you guys in 30 days! :) Until then, thank you for your cooperation!

I'm back!


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